Slope Tunnel Unblocked


It is another kind of a game with the ball. It also deals with the ball. Slope Tunnel unblocked for schools, as it is not addictive. The process of gaming is very simple. You must again control the ball in order not to fall. But this time it is quite different from other games.

The game is presented as a maze. You run a ball along with it. There are some holes in the maze. They are white. The maze is green itself. You must avoid white spaces. If you get into it, you will lose. You will have to start from the very beginning.

The gaming process is not as easy as you can imagine. You must control the ball, but the speed of moving is constantly increasing. The gamer must collect white dots to get additional points and to reduce the moving speed. In the game you must jump from one section to another in order not to fall.

The controls in the game are the arrows on the keyboard. You can’t run the ball with the WASD or with the mouse. It can be more difficult and not comfortable. It is impossible to jump to overcome the holes.

The main advantage of the game that levels are generated automatically, so each level has its unique structure. You won’t get used to the same levels. Music is very funny and makes the process vivid.

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