Slope Ball Unblocked


The game is focused on leading a ball on along the blocks. In this version they are divided into blocks. Each time the ball will jump and the gamer should control it in order not to fall down. In that case the gamer must start from the very beginning.

There are two general game modes. They are normal mode and endless mode. The gamer can choose whatever he likes. The colours in the game are rather bright. So the gamer can easily understand where to move the ball. There are also sections where you can speed up the ball. But the gamer must be very careful because the speed becomes very high. So, it is easy to lose control under the ball.

Slope ball unblocked is free for all users. The gamers can play it in the browser or it is possible to download it on Android. The peculiarities of the game are that the gamer can open different types of balls and can change them according to his taste.

Every day you can spin a wheel to get an additional reward. Moreover, it is very pleasant music in the game. It is dynamic and you won’t get tired of the monotonous process. The controls are usual and you can also use the mouse to play the game. Each level is different from the previous one. After completing the level, you will get a small reward.

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